Thank you for your interest in our Company! Below we have included our Terms and Agreement’s to ensure that we provide each and every customer with the highest quality experience possible. This Estimate is a good-faith estimate of the supplies and labor needed to complete your projects installation. This estimate is based on the onsite visit conducted by your artificial turf consultant and the measurements that were taken during the onsite visit.


Payment’s — A credit card is required to be put on file. Card will be charged for the full invoice amount if not paid within 14 days of job completion. Client shall before commencement of the service make a $100 deposit payment to Lone Star Turf. The Company (Lone Star Turf) shall apply this deposit towards the purchase of the materials needed for the installation. Client understands that the payment of the deposit shall be non refundable and upon payment of the deposit, client will be unable to terminate this agreement. Pricing for this installation is guaranteed for 30 days from the date specified on the quote. Both client and The Company acknowledge that in the event, client cancels the project and refuses to accept delivery of goods, The Company shall be entitled to retain liquid damages up to the amount of the down payment or an amount determined to be redeemable under U.S. cort law. Client hereby warrants to pay the balance promptly to The Company upon the completion of the installation services.

Payment Options — Lone Star Turf accepts payments through: ○ Credit Cards (A 3% transaction fee and will be applied to the amount being paid via credit card) ACH . A 3% transaction fee and will be applied to the amount being paid via credit cards. Client must inform company timely if client wishes to pay the company via any other means not set forth herein. Both the client and The Company agree that The Company will be vested with full ownership and intellectual property rights of any turf and materials installed by The Company until client pays The Company in full for its services.

Estimated Project Completion – There is no fixed term for the completion of the project. This is mainly because the size and scope of the landscape project will largely determine its date of completion and other factors may bring about an extension or variation of the project completion, such as changes made during the installation phase.

Project Amendments and/or Client Change Requests — On occasion, client may request/require additional or amended services outside of the terms of this Service Agreement (amendments include but are not limited to things like, an additional space for installation, etc). Lone Star Turf will provide a detailed scope of work and cost associated with the Project Amendment/Change Request. Client will be required to execute a written change order for any Project Amendments/Change Requests before any work for such Amendment/Request is performed.100% post be paid before work is preformed. It is further understood that a separate invoice(s)/additional line items will be generated for such work. ****Any amended work or change request should be expressed in writing and signed by both parties, and be a separate contact.****


● Lone Star Turf shall provide turf installation for client at the client facilities or such other location as the client may desire. Client understands that company shall charge client for any fees necessary for grading in order to ensure the area for the installation is set for installation of the turf.
● For the services rendered by company herein, Company shall offer 15 years limited manufacturer’s warranty on all artificial turf, and company agrees to provide the warranty and details upon request.
● Company offers a 10 year labor warranty on accepted manufacture warranty request. 2 year warranty on installations Company shall provide warranty on: ** Seams separating. ** Loose areas of turf that are not properly secured down. Lone Star Turf agrees to provide a copy of the limited warranty for the turf product used during installation. A copy of the manufacturer’s written warranty is available upon request should the client want in depth details regarding the turf warranty.

The Company disclaims any warranty that any seam(s) will be entirely invisible, and shall not be liable for HOA and or impervious cover restrictions, any harm occasioned to trees/plants or any material loss of any kind. The Company will ensure that seams are constructed using professional and standard outdoor carpet practices. The Company further disclaims and does not warrant the following and similar circumstances:

1. Damage from accidents, vandalism and abuse.
2. Acts of God (including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters).
3. Use of chemicals and improper cleaning methods.
4. Failure to properly maintain, protect and/or repair the turf and cleaning of the turf due to Calcium Build up/dew.
6. Damage caused by reflection/external heat source (melting) or other flammable materials. Such reflection sources include but are not limited to: windows, vinyl fences, metal blocks, concrete/stucco walls and etc.
7. Turf product is subject to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear, including matted down or twisted blades is not a manufacturing defect and therefore is not covered by this warranty.
8. Visual lines caused by variation of the color of yarns and manufacturer tufted stitch lines are not considered a defect as there is no deterioration of actual yarn itself and is a common occurrence among all tufted products.

Company further disclaims the following regarding specific turf conditions:

● Burnt Turf Burnt turf as a result of Melting from any reflective heat source is specifically disclaimed as it is not covered for in the manufacturer or labor warranty. Client is advised to disclose any information about low-e glass windows near the installation area because Low-e glass windows in the installation area will cause a reflection and result in the artificial turf to melt, and for this to be fixed, company shall charge client for the cost of replacement of the burnt area.

● Existing dirt and soil Company specifically disclaims any warranty for settling of dirt and divots created from lack of compaction from any previous dirt work that was done prior to company’s artificial turf installation service This also includes any earth/dirt that was disturbed prior to installation. It is the responsibility of the business contracted to do backfill work to address the situation.

● Weeds Client understands that there is a possibility for weeds to grow occasionally and no guarantee is given by company that weeds will never grow on the turf ever again. Weeds are most commonly found between seams, and where the turf meets edge/border. Company will be glad to render professional advice to client on ways and steps to take to combat stubborn weeds.

● Drainage In the event the drainage needs any repair to improve it, Lone Star Turf will work on it. Client understands that the improvements to be made on the drainage do not extend to any unforeseen drainage problem, and that Artificial turf does not act as a solution for any existing drainage issues.

● Excavation Removal of grass dirt and grading of decomposed granite base. Client understands that company shall not be obligated to grade existing soil. Any other defects not discussed herein, this includes but not limited to excavation and tear shall be invoiced separately for any service to be performed on such defect.

Duties and Responsibilities of Client — Marking any underground utilities and/or cables. Company uses 3 1⁄2 – 6 inch nails to secure down artificial turf. Both parties agree that in the event any utilities in the location for the installation of the turf is not marked up to code, company shall not be responsible for any loss arising from it, including but not limited to hitting any existing utilities. Client shall be responsible for relocating utilities (i.e., electrical service lines, natural gas lines, cable, etc.) before company comes to the location for the installation and shall be solely responsible for any damage and/or repairs of said lines due to previously unknown conditions by company. Default on payment- In the event client defaults in making payment for a period more than fifteen (15) days client shall be liable to pay a default fee of 18% every year. In the event of litigation arising from default of payment under this paragraph, the client shall be liable to reimburse the company for its attorney fees and any expenses incurred as a result of the litigation, in the event company is declared winner of the legal proceedings, and pay company all its cost of collection as well.

Rescheduling and delay of work — Any delay of the project by client within 24 hours from the execution of the project shall make the client to incur a delay fee of $250. Company shall have the right to postpone the execution of the project if there is any form of hindrance on the location for the installation of the turf. Any notice in connection with this agreement of commitment shall be validly given with respect to each Party if (i) sent by registered mail or an internationally recognized overnight delivery service to the addresses set out hereinafter, (ii) delivered by hand (with written confirmation of receipt) to the persons listed hereinafter, or (iii) sent by fax to the fax numbers and addresses set out hereinafter or to such addressee, fax number or address as a Party may notify the other Parties in accordance with this article.

Utility and Sprinkler System lines — Client understands that it is impracticable for company to have the knowledge of the depth of client’s utility and irrigation lines are recessed prior to excavating. Company shall not be responsible for moving, replacing or repairing any such lines. Irrigation heads will either be pulled out, capped off or left alone. Under agree that company shall be obligated to move or bury major utility lines (i.e. electrical service lines, natural gas lines, cable, etc.).

Force Majeure — Company shall not be responsible for delays resulting from events beyond their control including, but not limited to, Change Orders, incorrect information that client provides, legal encumbrances on client’s
property, floods, acts of god.

Entire Agreement — This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this Agreement. There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this agreement. Binding Agreement- The covenants, obligations and conditions herein contained shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of the heirs, legal representatives, and assigns of the parties hereto.


Client acknowledges as follows: By Signing this contract, client authorizes a company to perform Installation and/or order and arrange for the delivery of special order merchandise, including special order Merchandise that may be custom made, as specified in this Agreement. By signing this contract, client acknowledges to have read, understood, and accept this Agreement in its entirety. Client further acknowledge receiving a complete copy.