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How To Design A Backyard Putting Green

A backyard putting green is a dream for everyone who’s serious about golf. This luxury was once available to a select few, but now it’s a practical addition to any yard. According to short game expert Dave Pelz, putting makes up 43% of the shots you take, even for professionals. That means working on your putting at home gives you a huge advantage. The question is, How to design a backyard putting green? How do you make it happen? What makes a personal putting green both fun and effective? The experts at Lone Star Turf want to help you get started on the most convenient way to improve your golf game.

The benefits of a putting green with synthetic turf

Having your own putting green makes all the difference. Enjoy the peace and exercise of a great sport in the privacy of your own home or office. Train and fine-tune as long as you want. Improve your form or take a chance with a new technique. There’s freedom when no one’s coming up behind you.

Artificial grass is easily the best option for a home putting green. Modern synthetic grass looks and feels like the real thing and requires almost no maintenance. It’s like playing on a freshly cut green every time. The grass stays green all year round, so you don’t have to wait for golf weather. Forget about mud or lost grass, because you’ll always have the perfect putting surface. Now you just need to decide what you want on your putting green!

What features do you want?

You’d be surprised which components of your favorite golf courses can be recreated at home. Do you want a flat green to practice your technique, or do you need slopes, contours, and undulations? You have the freedom to design a putting green that brings out the best in you.

For our putting greens, we offer two lengths of grass. Short artificial turf simulates a professional putting surface while longer synthetic grass reproduces the rough. This allows you to work on your chipping, which is crucial to a lower score. If you’re taking the time to invest in your game, we want to give you the best possible value.

Make the most of your space

One of the most primary decisions you need to make is how big to make your putting green. This will help you to know how much open space you have to work with. If you have a larger area, you can include multiple holes to give yourself a variety of practice angles. Regardless of the area you want to work with, you’ll want to prioritize the features that are the most fun and important to you. Remember, synthetic turf will last a long time, so you’ll enjoy your putting green for years to come.

Work with an expert

Designing your putting green is fun and exciting. The actual installation is a lot more work. Working with an expert team like Lone Star Turf will make your putting green project a success. We can make your dreams a reality and offer valuable ideas you might have missed.

Synthetic turf is what we do. We’ll handle all the prep work, and you won’t have to worry about making a mistake or wasting materials. You’ll end up with a putting green you’ll be playing on and showing off for a long, long time. Schedule your free quote today, and let’s start designing the putting green you deserve.