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Artificial Grass Vs Sod — Which Is Better?

Traditional grass was once the only real option for homeowners and property managers. But with improvements in artificial grass have made it more attractive and affordable than ever before. When it comes time to improve your lawn, now you need to ask yourself which is better, artificial grass or sod? Let’s take a look at how the two compare.


In the old days, a professionally-maintained lawn might have the edge. But modern synthetic grass features realistic colors and a better-than-real feel. Even those who think they prefer regular grass might not notice the difference without careful inspection. While it’s possible to create a traditional lawn that looks clean and green, it takes constant attention and won’t stay green out of season. Meanwhile, a synthetic lawn will look good all the time.


This is an interesting discussion because regular sod costs less to install per square foot. But is it cheaper in the long run? The hidden costs of a normal lawn make all the difference. Ongoing maintenance costs time and money, not to mention supplies like fertilizer and other chemicals. There’s also the cost of equipment like lawnmowers, which have the own extra costs like fuel and repairs. In the long run, artificial grass is much cheaper than ordinary grass. When compared to the old-fashioned alternative, a synthetic lawn pays for itself in about two and a half years.


Regular lawns require dozens of gallons of water per square foot each year to stay healthy. Artificial lawns, on the other hand, require no watering. Outdoor watering accounts for over half of the water used in a home, so that makes a huge difference. There are also the problems caused by over or under-watering that synthetic grass completely avoids. In a severe drought with water restrictions, artificial lawns might be the only green in the whole neighborhood.

Mowing and other maintenance

While you don’t have to worry about artificial lawns most of the time, they do require minimal maintenance. You can periodically sweep them to remove leaves or dust. On rare occasions, you might need to easily clean up a mess with the garden hose. But compare that to the constant attention required by a standard lawn. Regular grass requires reseeding, chemical treatments, fertilizer, daily watering, weekly mowing, and more. And even if you do everything right, a traditional lawn might still have problems. Artificial grass easily wins this category.


Which lasts longer, regular or synthetic grass? If you want bright green grass, you can expect regular sod to last about 10 years. And that’s with constant attention and nothing going wrong. On the other hand, artificial grass will usually last about 25 years. In fact, all the synthetic grass we install carry warranties, with some lasting as long as 15 years. With professional installation, artificial grass should look better for more than twice as long.

For Pets

Artificial grass is great for pets, with many types of synthetic turf made with our furry friends in mind. Pet waste won’t damage artificial grass, and its sturdy construction makes it resistant to digging. With synthetic turf, dogs can play on a nice green lawn and not bring in mud on their paws.

For Kids

There are a few ways that artificial grass is better when it comes to kids. The consistent surface makes it less likely to trip, especially for younger children. Parents like it because kids can’t track in mud or get grass stains on their clothes. Kids like artificial grass because it looks and feels good every season of the year. Perhaps best of all, artificial grass won’t trigger seasonal allergies or asthma!

The winner is artificial grass

Synthetic turf beats out regular grass in every category. Artificial grass is cheaper, more attractive, and better for the environment than traditional grass. As long as you have your turf professionally installed, it will make you happy for a long, long time.That’s where we come in. If you’re ready to upgrade your lawn and add value to your home, we want to help. Our team at Lone Star Turf can help you choose the best artificial grass for your property and install it for you. Don’t waste another year on a standard lawn. Get your free quote today.