does turf prevent weeds

Does Artificial Grass Prevent Weeds?

One of the reasons people make the switch to artificial grass is the reduced amount of maintenance. A synthetic lawn doesn’t need watering, mowing, fertilizing, or reseeding. Although our quality artificial lawns need a small amount of maintenance, such as the occasional spraying or dusting, they mostly take care of themselves. But many people want to know: can weeds grow in artificial grass? Does artificial grass prevent weeds?

How does artificial grass prevent weeds?

There are over 400 species of weeds in North America, and it feels like they all want to live in our yards. Unlike traditional sod, synthetic turf is not a hospitable environment for weeds to grow. Weeds love to soak up the nutrients and water intended for traditional grass. Since you don’t have to feed or water artificial grass, weeds have a much tougher time.

However, it’s not impossible for owners of artificial grass to see the occasional weed. As you know, weeds are some of the most tenacious plants in the world. We’ve all seen weeds growing in cracks between concrete and other unlikely places. It’s not unheard of for a weed to grow on the edge of an artificial lawn or, even rarer, to pop up through the backing material or in the infill. Fortunately, these weeds shouldn’t have anywhere to take root, so they are easily removed.

Does professional turf installation make a difference?

Artificial lawns will always see fewer weeds than regular lawns, but there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of weeds appearing. The best way to prevent weeds in your artificial grass is to use a professional installer like Lone Star Turf.

Our team takes multiple steps to eliminate weeds and other problems as we install your new lawn. We excavate the top few inches of your lawn, which destroys any existing root systems. The dirt is then replaced with a compacted base material that stops the ground under your synthetic turf from expanding and contracting. This step is crucial to a successful artificial lawn, and it has the added bonus of keeping weeds away.

We’ll also install a proper weed barrier or membrane which stops any lurking weeds from breaking the surface. Another concern is where pieces of synthetic turf are joined together. Poor seams can cause future weed problems for self-installers, but our experienced team uses proper techniques to keep your seams tight and weed-free for a long, long time.

Say goodbye to weeds

An artificial lawn is still the most attractive way to avoid fighting with weeds. You get to have a lush, green lawn without unwanted plants getting in the way. Stop running around in circles and fighting an endless battle. Schedule a free quote with Lone Star Turf and make the switch to a low-maintenance lawn.